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[Review] Xiaomi Power Bank 5,200 mAh

July 11, 2014

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Xiaomi sells two versions of the Mi Power Bank – the 5,200 mAh at RM25 and the 10,400 mAh at RM36. Xiaomi sells them online through their website in limited quantities and because of their low prices, they get snapped up very quickly. Some of these buyers are actually retailers who set up multiple accounts to purchase more than one unit, and resell them for between RM40 to RM80.

A word of caution – there are many fake versions being sold in Malaysia, even amongst the big online stores.

Below is what you’ll receive when you order the original Mi Power Bank 5,200 mAh from Xiaomi’s online store:

Mi Power Bank Box

Inside the box, there’s the power bank, a flat USB cable and a simple user guide:

Mi Power Bank Box Content

The power bank feels solid and definitely looks premium, and very Apple-like. Infact, it looks so much like the early generation iPods that you’ll mistaken it for an Apple product if not for the Mi logo.

Charging the unit from 25% till full, took slightly over 3 hours on first charge. Charging the Lenovo P780 (4,000 mAh battery) for an hour, took the phone’s battery level from 59% to 92% – the Mi Power Bank dropped to 50%.

Mi 5,200 mAh Power Bank Specifications

Xiaomi Power Bank Tech Specs

Below is the technical specifications, which contains some useful information not published on the website. The most important of which is the 2A input (i.e. fast-charging of the power bank) and 1.5A output (moderate charging speed; competing power banks range from 0.5A to 2A).

Model: NDY-02-AH
Cell Type: Lithium Ion
Operation Temperature: 0 – 40 deg Celcius
Size: 91 x 55 x 21.9 mm
Output: DC5.1V, 1500mA
Input: DC5.0V, 2000mA
Charge Time: approx. 3 hours

Xiaomi’s Mi 5,200 mAh Power Bank is definitely worth the RM25. It looks and feels much more premium than the competing cheap plastic power banks that cost up to 4x the price.

TIP: How to Buy the Mi Power Bank at RM50 Off
The power banks on Xiaomi’s website get out of stock within minutes, every time it goes on sale. Besides, Xiaomi also charges a shipping fee of RM15 – bringing the total cost of a Mi 10,400 mAh power bank to RM51.

There are a number of retailers on Rakuten who are selling genuine Mi 10,400 mAh power banks at between RM69 to RM79 – just search for “xiaomi power bank” on the search bar. If you use the RM50 off coupon at DealHero.my, your cost plus shipping is only RM47, i.e. cheaper than if you bought direct from Xiaomi. But you have to hurry because the coupons are valid only until July 20th:

DealHero.my: RM50 Off Coupon Code for Rakuten

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