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[How-To] Watch Netflix in Malaysia

June 22, 2014

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Netflix is an Internet streaming service with more than 40 million subscribers and makes more than US$4 billion a year. Through their service, you can get access to tens of thousands of the latest movies and tv shows for only US$7.99 a month (roughly RM25.62). Since Netflix allows simultaneous streaming to a maximum of 2 devices, you can share the account and costs with someone else – halving the price to RM13 a month!

Apart from the huge range of titles and early availability, I like that the shows will resume where you left off, the user ratings and reviews, the ability to watch on multiple devices (even on your smartphone), the English subtitles and up to HD quality depending on your Internet speed (my 2Mbps ADSL was good enough). Suddenly, your Astro service sounds like a rip-off.

Unfortunately, Netflix is only available in certain parts of the world – Malaysia is not one of those countries. This is what you’ll see if you attempt to visit their website:

Netflix Unavailable in Malaysia

However, there are ways to get around it – by faking your IP address and make Netflix think you’re watching in the U.S. This method works only for watching on a desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can easily hook up your device to the TV, e.g. by using a HDMI cable. I’ll write a seperate guide on how to watch Netflix on Apple TV.

Here we go:

1. First, you need to subscribe to a proxy service to fake your IP address – I highly recommend Private Tunnel. Their cost is very reasonable, they have apps for different devices – Mac, Windows, Android, etc., the service is reliable and you can pick from U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Private Tunnel

2. Once you’re subscribed, tunnel to San Jose.

3. Visit and register for the free month (Yes, you get a whole month for free!). You’ll need to enter your credit card information – Netflix will accept a Malaysian credit card.

That’s it, you’re done!
You can also use the same method to watch Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

As mentioned, there are mobile versions for both the Private Tunnel and Netflix apps. Here’s how they look like on my Lenovo Android smartphone:

Netflix Android App

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