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June 1, 2014

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Calculator.com.my is a sleek online calculator and converter website, which houses a comprehensive collection of useful tools. We found the home loan calculator (pictured above) to be very powerful. Apart from the usual monthly repayment estimates, it also generates a pie chart to show you a breakdown of the principal and interest, as well as, a principle-interest-balance graph and table which shows you the breakdown by year.

There are other loan calculators available, like a personal loan calculator and car loan calculator. The website also features a BMI calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index, financial calculators to estimate fixed deposits and retirement savings based on compounded interest, and a simple currency converter which supports converting MYR to and from other major currencies. Other popular tools are the international shoe and clothing size charts, and a powerful unit converter for length/distance, area, volume, temperature, pressure, weight, data and power conversions.

The best part is the calculators and converters have been localized for the local Malaysian market. For example, the formula used for the personal loan calculator is based on guidelines from the local banks. Every page also contains up-to-date information about loan rates from the Malaysian banks.

According to the owners, traffic has been growing steadily and the site receives more than 30,000 visitors a month – not bad for a new site! Future plans include a scientific calculator, more estimation tools for the car owner (e.g. insurance and road tax calculators) and expanding the unit converter to cover more unit measurements.

You can also visit their Facebook page here.

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