[How-To] Block Any Number On Your Phone

March 11, 2016

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There are numerous reasons as to why you may choose to block a number: an ex who just can’t seem to get over you, telemarketers who just can’t seem to take a hint, or an annoying person that you befriended who keeps calling.

Whatever the reason, getting constant calls, at different hours of the day from someone that you don’t enjoy speaking with, is tiring. Even more so when they don’t get the idea that you just want nothing to do with them. How do you block their number? Here are the ways in which you can finally free yourself from unwanted calls:


If it’s a voice call that would like to block, you need to have that number in your Contacts list. Begin by going to your Phone app, select the Contact that you would like to block, highlight Block This Caller, before finally tapping Block Contact.

If you’re worried that they might try to use FaceTime to get a peek at you, simply go to the app, enter their number or name, and follow the same steps listed above. For texts, proceed to Messages, select the contact that you want to block > Details > select “Info” tab on the top right > Block This Caller before selecting Block Contact.

However, if you think that you’re on the receiving end of a block instead, you can tell when they an iPhone running iOS 7 or above. Whenever you try and call them, are they unavailable? As in actually unavailable and you’re automatically directed to voicemail? Chances are you’re probably blocked.

If you try texting instead, then you’re most likely not able to see “Delivered” ever show up under your iMessage and you’d see it switch to the green of a text message.


Begin by going to your Phone app and select Call Settings followed by Call Rejection then Auto Reject List. Type in the number or search for the person you would like to block, simply select it and you’re good to go.


Start by heading to Settings and look for Call + SMS Filter, accept the usual Terms & Conditions, then turn Block Calls to On. After that, go to your Phone app, hold down on the number which you intend to block, select Block Number, then OK.


BlackBerry users have it harder apparently. In order to block a number, you will need to call your service provider in order to proceed. Talk about an inconvenience.

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