Effective Ways Of Cleaning And Easy Maintenance For Water Filters

August 29, 2018

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A water filter product plays an important role in removing impurities from water. However, if they’re not cleaned properly and treated with great care, they can easily get clogged with debris and other contaminants. Thus, it’s vital to learn how to clean them so that they can live up to their full potential.

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Below are some effective ways to clean filters and tips on how you should take care for them to ensure optimum performance:


Soaking and Flushing Filters

For pitchers, you’re supposed to soak them before their inserting. First, wash hands with water and soap, and then remove the filter from its housing. Second, soak the filter upright in cold water for about 20 minutes. And finally, hold the filter upright under cold tap water for a few seconds and leave it to dry. For dispensers, simply hand wash both the reservoir and lid with a mild detergent.

A tip: Pitcher filters should be stored in a cool, dry place until they’re ready for use. And remember to soak the filter for about 20 minutes before use.


Faucet Filters

These types of filters don’t require any soaking, however, their system should be flushed for 5 minutes to remove any carbon dust and activate the filter media.

A tip: If your faucet filter has not been used for some days, make sure to allow water to run through the filter for about 30 seconds prior to use. This will wet and reactivate the system’s filter more efficiently.


Bottle Filters

These types of filters don’t require any soaking, either. Pump one full bottle of water through the filter before use to activate. Don’t be worried about the black carbon dust that eventually appears. It’s normal for this to happen. You can also hand wash the bottle with a mild detergent, like dispensers and pitchers.

A tip:All filters (Pitchers and dispensers, faucet, and bottle) should be changed regularly for optimum performance. Replacement of filters with most dealers nowadays is quite inexpensive, so don’t you worry about how much this can cost you.


Things to avoid

  • Don’t repurpose any water filtration system with well water that isn’t regularly checked and deemed microbiologically safe. Water filters are tailored specifically for municipally treated tap water or well water that is regularly tested.
  • Don’t filter water that’s above 38°C or 100°F, as this can release some impurities thriving in the tap water. Hot water can also affect the system’s filtration potential. Nevertheless, you can easily fix this problem by replacing the faucet filter with anew to continue enjoying all the benefits.


After the long use of water filters, they eventually get clogged with dirt and debris. To ensure you get the longest life from your water filter, it’s important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding care and maintenance. You can also follow the tips provided above to help achieve the same results and for maximal protection. Otherwise, proper care and a little preventative maintenance both go a long way!

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