Airport Transit Hotel KLIA: 6 Reasons to Book one Today and Enjoy Maximum Convenience

March 14, 2018

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The last thing you need to do after a long flight is to embark on another trip in a bus or cab looking for hotel accommodation. Whether you’re a tourist or a business person that has just landed in Malaysia, you need a comfortable place to rest right away.


You could stay in an airport transit hotel KLIA and forget about the tiring hassle of searching for a hotel in a foreign country. The following are benefits of staying at a hotel near the airport.

Benefits of staying in a transit hotel


Cheaper cab and shuttle rates


Airport hotels are usually just a few minutes away from the airport as compared to hotels away from the airport. Trying to get to a hotel outside the airport zone could take you several hours and sometimes even days.


Since cab and shuttle companies calculate their travel rates depending on the mileage to your destination, it’s cheaper to stay at an airport hotel. If you prefer not to pick a cab or shuttle, you can opt to walk to your hotel which can save you money.


Forget about getting late for your next flight.


Are you a business traveler that cannot afford to miss your next flight? If you already have a meeting scheduled in another country, check into an airport transit hotel so as not to mess up your schedule.


Staying too far from the airport comes with many risks time-wise such as;



  • Roads to the airport are always busy, and you might end up getting caught in a traffic jam that you had not anticipated.


  • You might lose track of time while in a foreign country hence mess up your schedule. The beauty of staying in a transit hotel is that you can quickly get to the airport within minutes.



Excellent accommodation at airport transit hotel KLIA


Most airport hotels have excellent accommodation and services because they want to offer their visitors world-class service.


If you’re worried about noise levels, the hotels have soundproof material on their walls, floor, and roofs to keep the noise down.


If you intend to stay in an airport hotel, expect fine dining, high-quality rooms, and excellent facilities and customer service.


Proximity to duty-free shops


Is everyone from back home is expecting a gift from you once you land? Airports have duty-free shops that have quality gifts at subsidized prices.


Since your hotel is near the airport, you can visit the shops and take your time as you select your gifts instead of rushing last minute. The same gifts could cost you double or even triple the price if you purchase them from regular giftshops away for the airport.


24h-hour cab and hotel service


Airport hotels recognize that visitors can arrive at any time. Most hotels have cab services that operate round the clock. Hence you never have to wait for hours before your means of transport arrives.


Hotels staff in transit hotels also provides service 24/7, so don’t worry arriving late and not getting service right away.



Airport hotels are near malls, hospitals, terminals, not to mention major road networks. The convenience that these hotels offer is excellent in case of emergencies.


If you’re a senior citizen or traveling your kids, the hotels offer the much-needed accommodation to recharge before moving on to your next destination.


Before you book your airport transit hotel KLIA, ensure that you do so, using proper channels. The best way is to use a hotel’s website to avoid getting fleeced by unscrupulous agents. If you have any questions, ensure that you either email or make a call prior, to get all the clarifications that you might need.

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