6 Health And Financial Benefits Of Using A Bidet Toilet

December 31, 2017

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When it comes to personal hygiene, we’re lucky to be living in a time where we don’t have to squat in the woods to do our business. We no longer need to keep a chamber pot, which is a small container that functions as a portable toilet often used before indoor plumbing existed, next to us in the bedroom. We’re not at a high risk of contracting infections passed around due to poor hygiene.

With innovations and technology, we can bid all of the nasty things goodbye, and say hello to one of the greatest inventions ever made for humanity: bidet toilet. If you have yet to own this little lifesaver, check out the six health and financial benefits of using a bidet toilet:


  1. Gentle on your skin

Some of bidet toilet’s best features include water pressure and water temperature control, which are adjustable to suit your needs and comfort. The gentle nature of bidet toilets greatly benefits those with damaged skin or skin allergies and sensitivities near the private areas, especially if you’re suffering from haemorrhoids, anal pruritis or are recovering from childbirth.


  1. Save the earth with less waste

In the US alone, about 36.5 billion toilet paper rolls are used every year, which means about 15 million of trees are taken down! To produce toilet papers, a large amount of materials like water or energy is needed. This will cause a major damage to the environment in the long run. By switching from toilet paper to bidet toilets, not only will you heal the earth, you’ll also produce less household waste, which leads to more money saved.


  1. Guaranteed cleanliness

Wiping your private areas with toilet paper is no guarantee that they’re completely clean; there is a high possibility that there are bits of residues left. The germs and bacteria can only be washed away with water for guaranteed cleanliness.


  1. Clog prevention

The more toilet paper flushed down the toilet, the higher the chances of your toilet being clogged. Once your toilet clogs up, it could ruin the entire indoor plumbing of your household as well, and it can be quite costly to fix the damages. By using bidet toilets, you’re less likely to have your toilet clogged or overflowed. If your bidet toilet features an air-dry function, you no longer need toilet paper in the bathroom. This will definitely save your money in the long run.


  1.  Fewer risks of infections

Most infections are transferred through direct human contact. When dealing with people, we’ll never know who wipes their private parts and washes their hands after. By using bidet toilets, you’re at fewer risks of transferring infections or getting infected with a disease due to close contact to the private areas.


  1. Cost effective and low maintenance

Besides no expenses on toilet paper or plumbing services, most of bidet toilets on the market are cost effective and low maintenance. In Malaysia, a basic manual bidet, which requires no electric power and relies only on water pressure to function, has a retail price of RM950. This type of bidet features twin-nozzle system, MF filter, and 3-stage motorless control; making it low maintenance and easy to use.

Although the majority of households and commercial establishments in Malaysia have bidet showers installed in the bathrooms, they don’t completely clean your private areas since the device is not flexible enough for hard to reach areas of your body. It’s also harder to control while you clean. With a bidet toilet, you can basically do everything with a click of a button. Buy a bidet toilet in Malaysia for your home now and see how much it improves your health!

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