Maxis Surf'n'Share Multi-SIM

[How-To]: Get Cheap 4G Mobile Internet for Your iPads & Android Tablets

July 16, 2014

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Most of us own an iPad or a Samsung tablet these days. If you have kids, then you’re likely to own more than one. Maxis has a very cost-effective mobile Internet product, called Surf’n’Share, that specifically targets such tablet users, i.e. users that only require data and not voice/text services.

Maxis Surf’n’Share is basically a multi-SIM plan that allows you to share the primary subscriber’s mobile Internet quota at RM15/device. It’s only available for Maxis mobile subscribers on a 2GB or above data plan, and for sharing on up to 5 devices.

Application was fast and easy. Just go to a Maxis shop, complete the application form, tell them your SIM card and the service is activated after 2 hours.

Say for example you own a smartphone and an Android tablet, and also two other iPads – one for your wife and the other for your child. Instead of subscribing to 4 mobile plans, you can subscribe to just one Maxis SurfMore plan and 3 Surf’n’Share plans. The key advantages of this arrangement are:

1. Since you’re subscribing to just one data plan, you can get the one with a higher quota, e.g. the 5GB SurfMore 75 plan, which translates into a lower cost per GB. It goes as low as RM15/GB, which is one of the lowest mobile Internet rate in Malaysia.

2. And since you’re sharing one quota instead of subscribing to four different data plans, there is less wastage – most of us never fully use up our monthly Internet quotas.

One thing to note is that devices on the Surf’n’Share plan (i.e. the tablets) do NOT have voice or text services. Hence, you cannot make/receive calls or send/receive SMSes, or use services like Whatsapp.

Having been with other telcos, what I like about Maxis’ SurfMore mobile Internet plans are:

  • You’re not charged when you exceed your monthly quota – they just throttle the speed.
  • You can purchase Quota Upgrade Passes at RM15/GB once you’ve hit your monthly quota.
  • You get free 2GB data for watching Astro-on-the-Go.
    (the free 2GB is AOTG data is only for the primary line and not on the multi-SIM devices.)

Maxis’ LTE coverage is also much better compared to other telcos and the 4G speeds are good …at the time of writing – hopefully it doesn’t slow down over time like it usually happens in Malaysia. I managed to download a 10MB app on Google Play in under 5 seconds!

Disclaimer: I was not engaged nor paid by Maxis to write this article.

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